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So what is the Hub? 🤔

This is a place for collaboration, experimentation and the celebration of leadership. We’re an inclusive space, made for students, by students dedicated to support and empower leaders. We’re the one-stop-shop for all leaders, dedicated to support your journey, build a strong leadership culture and enable you to be the best leader you can be.

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What’s in it for me?

The Hub can offer you…

We’ve been working hard to bring you everything that we wished was at our disposal when we started our journeys.

Tree of Swin

There are a plethora of services that Swinburne offers just waiting for you. We’ll show you what’s on offer, and how to access it.

Project Board

You’ve got an idea? We can help you get it running! Or maybe you’re looking for the next big thing to collaborate on? Our projects board will feature and celebrate innovation, have a look here.


A support network of like-minded people is important, not just to incite and further expand your own ideas, but also to work towards change together. Let’s connect!


Leadership can be a challenging road, but it shouldn’t be a lonely one. We have been there before, and we want to help guide you along your journey.

Industry Connections

Want to take your idea or career to the next level? Expand your network with people from the industry, looking for driven people just like yourself.

Why the Leadership Hub?

Whether you’re a leader, team member or student, join us to …

Be a part of a groundbreaking community!

Discover an inviting leadership culture and network to guide you.

Ask, learn, and cultivate your skills!

Access students, staff and industry alike, forge meaningful connections and receive constructive feedback.

Engage within a creative space!

Form a team, make a plan and jump start your projects, transforming your ideas into actions.

Helping Group

Combating current events with digital solutions

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When to water, and how much

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Morphing faces, with hyperrealistic detail

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