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The Team and The Dream

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Who We Are

The Leadership Hub is a community organisation, driven by passionate individuals with a mission to develop a space for experimentation, collaboration and celebration.

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Our Why

Leadership is a continuous learning experience, and engagement between leaders is key for instrumental development. For us to grow and learn, we need an enabling space for leaders, team members and students, and this space needs to be a home for everyone. We are dedicated towards this vision of a Hub that unites innovators, thinkers and doers to experiment, learn and grow.

Our Objectives

Engender Belonging

We want the Hub to be inclusive to everyone. Whether you’re a leader, team member or just someone looking for inspiration, you’re invited to be a part of this community.

Facilitate your experience

With a comprehensive source of resources and passionate people, we hope to support you as you navigate your way through your own project or leadership experiences.

Create connections that are important to students

Building and working towards a leadership community who support each other is important to us.

What We Do

The Leadership Hub aims to tackle this in three different aspects:


To further develop an inclusive leadership culture, the Hub will offer a Slack as a platform for communication to meet other peers and like-minded individuals. It will also be a place to celebrate the achievements of other members within the Hub Community, hear other people’s stories and be inspired.

Project Board

The project boards will demonstrate and celebrate innovation and creativity and be a place where anyone looking for a team or project to join can meet. So whether you’re a leader, team member or just someone looking to be a part of the next big thing, the Project Board is the place to go.

Provide Resources

Our Tree of Swin holds a vast collection of the resources available to you when building your project. From training to advice, the Hub can help you gain access to different levels of support corresponding to your needs.

Our Story

The journey of the Leadership Hub started in 2020 as several students came together to discuss a collective issue: leadership was not being effectively recognised, supported or developed. After meetings, brainstorming and collaboration with students, alumni and Matthew Dunne from Student Life, the following key problems were identified:

Ideas rarely have the opportunity to be developed or heard by the University

There is no clear process to be guided, develop and share an idea formally.

Lack of celebration and recognition of leaders

This stunts the culture students want to define their experience

Leadership does not have a home

Finding support (peers and staff) and answers is really tough, this also results in programs being undersubscribed and reduced student participation/engagement

After this investigation we found that there was a real gap in the student experience. There needed to be a home for leadership.

Discussion, contacting and examination began as the Hub Team formulated strategies and ideas on how we could achieve this and what needed to be done. The team grew to include other passionate and driven students as the problems, solutions and experiences were expanded and defined to formulate the structure of a better leadership experience at Swinburne. We realised that this space needed to be accessible, enabling and act as a communication channel with students. This gave the Leadership Hub purpose to be:

  • A home that answers questions and supports students
  • A group that takes action to build a leadership culture
  • A collaborative space enabling student, staff and sector collaboration
  • All activities, communication and programs to be ‘tiered’ to cater for all students who want to do something more.

With a better idea of what the Hub would be, the Hub Team pitched the idea to the Swinburne Student Life.


We have also been incredibly fortunate to have had fantastic people join our team along the way, including: Richard Mason, Chandra Prabhu, Matthew Dunne, Chelsea Rose Sheppard, Sanduni Jinadasa & Anny Vu. We also extend our thanks to our friends, family, and everyone else who has helped shape the Hub and brought us to where we are today.

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